International Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Course

1. Birth Certificate (from NSO/PSA)

2. Certificate of Good Moral Character/ Recommendation Letter from two (2) former Professors

3. Honorable Dismissal/ Transfer Credentials

4. Transcript of Records

5. Diploma or Certificate of Graduation

6. 2x2 recent picture colored with white backgrounds

7. Medical Certificate

8. Marriage Contract if applicable (from NSO/PSA)

9. NMAT result- GCM is bound by CHED rules to comply with the minimum passing

score set for the year for eligibility to take the Doctor of Medicine course.

10. Residence Certificate/ Communicate Tax Certificate (for Filipino)

11. NEET result (for Indians)

Requirements for Foreign Students

1. Photocopy of passport

2. Photocopy of Visa and ACR/I-Card (Alien Certificate of Registration)

3. Affidavit of Bank Support/Bank statemtn

4. Personal History Statement

5. Proof of Birth or Passport Bio-page

6. Police Clearance (issued by the country of origin)


All transfer student applicants should submit the following requirements to the Admission Office within the registration period:

1. Certificate of Honorable Dismissal (CHD) or Certificate of Transfer Credentials (CTC)

2. Informative Copy of Transcript of Records (for evaluation purposes)

3. Certified true copy of NMAT result

4. Certificate of Good Moral Character

5. Birth Certificate (from NSO/PSA)

6. Marriage Contract if applicable (from NSO/PSA)

7. 2x2 recent picture colored with white background

8. Certificate of Eligibility for Admission into the Medical Course


All returning student applicants should submit the following requirements to the Admission Office within the registration period:

1. Letter intent to return for studies

2. Certificate of no dishonorable dismissal

3. Marriage contract if applicable (from NSO/PSA)

4. 2x2 recent picture colored with white background

Admission and Registration Guidelines

1. The enrollee certifies that all his or her documentary requirements are genuine and true. Any misrepresentation or falsification impairs the enrollee’s application for admission. GCM reserves the right to accept or deny his or her application for admission.

2. Applicants are admitted based on their individual qualifications. GCM requires evidence of general competence, motivation, and capability. Aside from grades and test scores, preferences shall be given to those who are properly motivated evincing an interest to learn and have consistently demonstrated a genuine commitment to follow GCM’s standards.

3. Applicants for admission must complete all forms, satisfactorily comply with all requirements, submit all required credentials, and pay the tuition and other fees. GCM is under no obligation to entertain any applicant or aspirant who fails to comply with all the admission requirements.

4. GCM has the right to select, accept or refuse admission or readmission of any student whose qualifications do not meet GCM’s standards. The status as admitted and enrolled is compromised when the student evinces a conduct or attitude contrary to GCM’s policies, rules, and regulations.

Faculty Members
Faculty Members

Araneta,Vince Edward

Bayamban, Karen Louise