Who Are We?

Who Are We?

 Gullas College of Medicine is built on core values of equal opportunity, excellence and perseverance.

The school has been honing Medical Education for over 40 years, being one of the oldest schools in the city. Its halls have been graced with over 3000 students who have gone on to be some of the best medical practitioners all around the world. We started at a small capacity reaching out to communities where education was only a privilege for the rich. With them the school has shaped its future to be a beacon for all medical aspirants with different financial backgrounds. It has been a home to its constituents that have helped build this school to be the 

Many countries to this day suffer the consequences of a lack of an efficient healthcare system and medical practitioners. In a time like this, the need for advancements in both healthcare as well and medical personnel is crucial. At GCM we aim to create those competent doctors to aid and serve their communities. 

1)    Gullas College of Medicine is one of the largest Medical schools in the country, dedicating its entire campus purely for medical education and the welfare of the students.

2)    We offer equal opportunity to all students looking to pursue a career as a doctor. With the right nurturing and resources, we have been able to identify the potential in every aspirant.

3)    We have a team of some of the most experienced faculty in their respective fields.

4)    We prioritize the overall growth of the student (academic, physical and psychological)

5)    Integration of technology into teaching and learning methods to cater to the needs of this generation.

6)    We promote student leadership and empowerment to educate students about the importance of responsibility.

7)    Personalized teaching to enhance the students learning experience.

8)    The school believes that education is a right that every individual is allowed to exercise, Medical Education should not be any different. With over 10 different scholarships and one of the lowest fee packages in the country, GCM believes that financial restraints should not be the barrier to becoming a doctor. Becoming a doctor need not only be a privilege but a right to those who are diligent and determined.

9)    To be a doctor is to play several roles at the same time outside of practicing medicine. Any healthcare professional must keep in mind to be good time managers, efficient and quick thinkers, good listeners, patient and compassionate. These are skills that we incorporate into the curriculum to make an GCM doctor more well-rounded.

10) The physical learning environment is a crucial factor to induce academic growth, which is why at GCM we also prioritize building state of the art facilities like our modern digital library, large recreational areas inside the campus, interactive classrooms, indoor and outdoor study lounges with dining, advanced simulation centers, 

11) Diversity and Inclusivity. The school is proud to call itself immensely diverse and accepting of students from all backgrounds. We recognize and embrace all cultures and religions.

12) Hands-on training opportunities with immersive learning methods to prepare students for real life scenarios.

Why Us?

-       Gullas College of Medicine believes in not only molding better doctors but better individuals.

-       We have adopted a blend of Problem based learning and traditional teaching methods to maximize the learning experience.

-       We encourage team-based learning to simulate a hospital set up for highest probability of success.

-       We have introduced digital interventions where the regular teaching fails to achieve academic success.

-       We run a student-oriented program that is highly flexible to better accommodate the growing needs of all students alike, making the school adaptable and personalized.

-       The school has acquired several affiliations, making its program acceptable in all the metropolitan countries of the world.

-       We train our students to be better problem solvers.

-       The academic excellence of a student comprises of only half of the knowledge and skills that a medical student expected to gain over the course of their education. Here at GCM we incorporate skills training, bridging courses and Objective structed clinical Examination.

-       With the unlimited choices of medical streams after medical school, We have newly introduced career counselling programs that can help lead a student to the fields of medicine best suited for them.

-       We make sure students our students are exposed to medical missions, health drives, clinical camps and other outreach programs to better strengthen the foundations of a good doctor.

-       We have a team of excellent support staff to cater to all the non-academic needs of the students.

-       Our faculty team is constantly growing with some of the best specialists in the region. We have partnered with world renowned doctors and institutions abroad to bring the insights of the foreign world of medicine to our doorstep.