1)     Create passion for the field of medicine in all students and alumni.

2)   Create caring and compassionate medical professionals who are cognizant, eclectic and adaptable to the evolving needs of the patient.

3)     Prepare students to innovate solutions to the problems and needs within and beyond the reach of the healthcare industry of tomorrow.

4)     To teach students the mechanics of comprehensive patient care and patient education of prevention, treatment and management of disease.

5)     learn to cooperate and co-exist with the various contributors of the healthcare industry.

6)     Create advocates for improvements in healthcare systems and community health.

7)     To create doctors to analyze predictions based on past trends in the environment, economy, social challenges and 

8)     Develop competencies of:

a.      Medical knowledge

b.     Practical application and critical thinking

c.      Interpersonal and communication skills

d.     Professionalism and Altruism

e.     Community Involvement

f.      Lifelong learning


To provide a structured education that is easily understandable and will lead to a total understanding of medicine’s role in society with the specific objectives: 

  1.  To provide a conducive and enjoyable place of learning 

  2.  To provide achievable and understandable short goals leading to a total understanding of medicine 9 

  3.  To mentor students and encourage further learning along the way 

  4. To use technology in a manner that will enhance the students’ learning process particularly in research 5. To be honest in all dealings 

  5. To keep in mind that medicine is service

Faculty Members
Faculty Members

Toledo, Maria Lourdes