Sep 15, 2023


GCM’S Cultural Diversity

GCM Hosted An Indo-Philippine Cultural Gala Night with notable politicians and figures

of high standing being in attendance.

The cultural acts at this Gala were stunning, and they genuinely brought the crowd

together in a spirit of unity and celebration.

The concept of a worldwide knowledge metropolis goes beyond traditional boundaries,

embracing the essence of unity in diversity and ushering in a new era of intellectual

enlightenment and cross-cultural exchange. It is a light of hope, drawing intellectuals,

innovators, and visionaries from all over to its sacred grounds, where ideas are

fostered, dreams are realized, and boundaries are pushed.

In picturing such a metropolis, there is a deep appreciation for the transformational

potential of knowledge, a force capable of paving the path for a brighter, more

enlightened future. It represents the collective ambition to foster a global community of

thinkers and doers who are unified in their pursuit of excellence and motivated by a

shared commitment to the advancement of knowledge.

The growing collaboration between these two countries through GCM has produced a

deep sense of optimism, sparking hopes for creative solutions and significant

advancements. As the partnership develops traction, there is a firm desire to use pooled

capabilities and resources to address common difficulties and capitalize on possibilities

for growth.

Apr 5, 2024


GCM Hosts 2nd Day Of 12th APMC Meet

GCM Hosted the first half of the second day of the 12th Visayas Regional Assembly of

the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC).

The day began with the Regional Quiz Bee, a signature event of the assembly, which

was held in the GCM Auditorium. As eager participants filled the seats, the atmosphere

was charged with anticipation. Medical students from various colleges in the Visayas

region demonstrated their knowledge and expertise in a friendly but fierce competition.

Simultaneously, in Room 304, another event occurred: the Regional Interscholastic

Debate. Here, student debaters from the visiting medical colleges engaged in

discussion about current medical topics. The debate created a healthy exchange of

ideas and encouraged participants to effectively explain their points of view, developing

their communication skills, which are critical in medical practice.

Following these activities, the assembly moved on to a more focused session, the

Regional Pathologic Case Conference, which took place once again in the GCM

Auditorium. This segment gave an opportunity for attendees to delve deeply into clinical

cases, exploring difficult circumstances with the supervision of medical experts.

Participants learned a lot about detecting and managing different medical disorders

from lively discussions and case presentations. The conference provided a forum for

sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices, increasing the learning experience

for all attendees.

This the last activity in-campus for the entirety of the three-day event as the remaining

activities were held in a different venue by another host medical school.

Oct 4, 2023


GCM Welcomes Back BATCH 83’ ALUMNI

GCM welcomed back its esteemed alumni, who paid a visit to the institution, marking a

historic milestone for both the college and its former students. These alumni, who have

achieved significant success and professional achievement in their specialization in the

field of medicine.

The reunion provided an important opportunity for alumni to reconnect with their alma

mater, eliciting sentiments of nostalgia and introspection as they reflected on their

experiences at GCM during their time as students. The visit allowed these individuals to

witness firsthand the college's advancements in their facilities and medical research

throughout the years, inspiring appreciation for the institution's accomplishments.

The visit also emphasized the alumni's long-term relationship with the institution,

strengthening the collectivism of GCM. The college honors its alumni's ongoing support

and commitment since their continued involvement and dedication help determine the

institution's future orientation.

The Alumni’s visit to the Gullas College of Medicine was a memorable and significant

event that represented the institution's lasting tradition of greatness and achievement as

the institution ensured that the next generation of students will be provided the finest

training for the highest calling.

May 3, 2024


GCM Movie Night

GCM organized a movie night, giving students a much-needed break from their tough

academic schedules. Amidst the hectic period of coursework, laboratory activities,

lectures, and exams, this activity aimed to provide students with a chance to

decompress and interact with their peers.

Students enthusiastically participated in the movie night, gathering to enjoy the

cinematic experience with their friends. Screened in the institution’s auditorium,

participants were provided with complimentary popcorn and fries, which added to the

overall enjoyment of the evening.

These kinds of activities are vital to fostering the overall health of GCM students as they

provide a constant reminder that, even in the middle of the demanding academic

program, there are times to unwind and refresh. It is part of GCM's dedication to

creating a safe, loving atmosphere where physical, mental, and emotional health are

given first priority.

The film choice, "Gifted Hands," was carefully chosen because of its inspirational and

heartfelt plot, which highlights themes of tenacity, faith, and the value of a solid support

network. Students were inspired by the protagonist's journey and realized that they too

have the resiliency and willpower to overcome any challenge as they became fully

engrossed in the story.

As GCM puts it, "This is life with GCM." By carefully balancing the demands of

academics and extracurricular activities, the school aims to give students a

well-rounded education that not only prepares them for their careers in the future but

also fosters their interests and passions.

May 3, 2024


GCM Bi-Monthly Examination

The GCM monthly exam is critical to the school's evaluation process. It is a great

strategy for assessing students' academic achievement and ensuring that they match

the academic criteria established by the school, which is done every two months.

The biweekly examination has the advantage of encouraging consistent studying and

revision. Students understand that they will be tested frequently, which drives them to

stay on top of their assignments.

The exam not only helps students retain information, but it also guarantees that they are

well-prepared for future examinations. While providing tests every two months has

benefits and drawbacks, it is nevertheless an important tool for assessing student

development. It promotes consistent study habits, allows teachers to readily assess

student development, and provides constructive feedback.

GCM prioritizes providing high-quality education, showing the institution's dedication to

developing knowledgeable and talented medical practitioners. By providing students

with the required knowledge and abilities. The institution hopes to prepare them for the

challenges and responsibilities that will await them in their future employment as

doctors. In summary, GCM not only shapes doctors; it refines the greatest doctors,

ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to make significant contributions to the

profession of medicine and society as a whole.

May 3, 2024


GCM’s Cultural Journey: Exploring Nigeria's Rich Dance Heritage

Nigeria's cultural tapestry is woven with a wide range of vivid and diverse dance

traditions, each representing a distinct aspect of the country's rich legacy. From

traditional rites to modern interpretations, dance is an important part of Nigeria's history,

traditions, and beliefs, acting as both an art form and a way of communication.

Beyond amusement, dance in Nigeria is a significant tool for individuals to express

themselves and connect with one another. Dance, whether done at weddings, festivals,

or community events, promotes unity, social cohesiveness, and belonging. It crosses

linguistic and cultural boundaries, bringing people together in celebration of their

common identity and heritage.

The GCM Nigerian Students Association was at the core of this cultural festival, bringing

Nigerian traditions to life on campus with their passion and excitement. The

choreography, where dance serves as its own language, communicates volumes about

history, identity, and community.

Attendees to this segment of the GCM Cultural Night had the opportunity to learn about

the significance of each dance form, its history, and the stories they convey. This

immersion trip strengthened their appreciation for Nigerian culture while also instilling a

sense of inclusivity and respect for diversity.

It was a tribute to Nigeria's rich cultural legacy, as well as a demonstration of the value

of cultural interchange and appreciation in promoting mutual understanding and respect.

Their dance allowed students to connect with Nigeria's heart and soul, developing a

greater awareness for its traditions and the universal language of movement.

May 3, 2024


GCM in Thailand: Cultural Enrichment and Educational Exploration

A trip to Thailand was taken by representatives of GCM, arranged by Srinakharinwirot

University. This trip not only extended our knowledge of Thai culture but also opened

our eyes to a wide array of educational opportunities that have shaped the institution’s

academic endeavors ever since.

The trip brought out the lessons learned for the school to adapt the range of teaching

methods found in other cultures and to widen social perspectives. At GCM, we

understand the value of global experience in developing well-rounded medical

professionals capable of meeting the needs of the global healthcare system.

We had the honor of interacting with eminent faculty members and intelligent students

throughout our stay at the institution, who kindly shared their knowledge about courses

and research opportunities. Their viewpoints gave us an insightful look into Thailand's

educational system and generated thought-provoking conversations about joint

ventures and knowledge sharing.

The trip to Thailand shows GCM's dedication to supporting an inclusive and innovative

approach to medical education. With the goal to create a dynamic learning environment

that welcomes cultural diversity and cuts beyond national boundaries by establishing

connections with universities throughout the globe.

May 3, 2024


GCM Research Congress

The GCM research meeting that took place recently was a huge success. After

presenting their findings, students got insightful criticism from panels of experts. In his

inspiring speech, keynote speaker Dr. Bryan Albert Lim emphasized the value of

research in the medical field and urged students to pursue their passions. The event

included a wide range of significant themes, including medical students' knowledge,

attitudes, and practices about road safety; the awareness of osteoporosis among

Cebuano women; the quality of sleep among third-year medical students; and nighttime

mobile mania. It was really appreciated that there was a Q&A period when attendees

could interact with the presenters.

The study team members received medals and certificates as an appropriate tribute to

their dedication at the event's conclusion. All things considered, the occasion served as

part of the college's dedication to provide top-notch instruction and encouraging study

and cooperation in the medical industry.

May 3, 2024


Molding Leaders For A Better Future

The yearly turnover ceremony at GCM is a moment for friendship, introspection, and

change. The Key of Responsibility changeover ceremony, a symbolic event that

signifies the change in leadership among the student population, is one of the event's

numerous highlights. This ceremony assumed particular significance during the

Academic Year 2023–2024 as the student council president handed the reins to their


The student council president's turnover ceremony is a historic event that marks the

passing of leadership responsibilities and authority. It highlights the value of leadership

development in the medical community and carries on the tradition of leadership among

students at GCM.

Acting as the voice and representative body of the student body, the Student Council is

integral to the GCM community. The council organizes events, shapes school policies,

and promotes a lively, welcoming campus community through their advocacy work and


The turnover ceremony celebrates the value of leadership and accountability in the

GCM community and functions as more than just a formal surrender of responsibilities.

It illustrates how dedicated GCM is to developing the next generation of leaders in

addition to training aspiring physicians. Integrity, empathy, and service are

characteristics that GCM instills in its students, enabling them to succeed not only in

their medical careers but also as leaders in their respective fields.

Students take the ideals and lessons they learned from their time as leaders at GCM

with them when they set out on their path to become doctors.

May 3, 2024


Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

The foundation of education for those aspiring to become healthcare professionals is

the development of clinical competence and abilities. This important component is

carefully evaluated at GCM using the Objective Structured Clinical Examination

(OSCE), which is administered in our cutting-edge skills lab. Before entering actual

hospital settings, students are given a supportive environment in which to practice,

hone, and perfect fundamental clinical skills under the supervision of knowledgeable

faculty members.

The OSCE format that GCM has chosen is intended to assess students' clinical

competence in a thorough manner, guaranteeing that they have the necessary abilities

to succeed in their medical careers. The exam provides students with essential practical

experience and equips them for the difficulties they will face in clinical practice by

mimicking real-life events and patient encounters.

The dedication to giving students the tools and spaces they need to succeed in their

medical education journey is at the heart of GCM's methodology. Our skills laboratory's

use of cutting-edge technologies demonstrates our commitment to helping students

achieve clinical excellence. Through practical instruction and organized evaluations,

GCM gives graduates the competence and self-assurance they need to handle the

challenges of providing healthcare.

GCM provides prospective physicians with more than simply an education; it's a

life-changing experience that equips them for the opportunities and challenges that lie

ahead. GCM continues to provide opportunities for individuals hoping to have a

significant impact on the medical sector because of our dedication to clinical quality and

holistic development.

May 3, 2024


Bridging Gaps In Healthcare With GCM

GCM, which is renowned for providing top-notch medical education, has started a noble

initiative to provide free medical consultations to Rafi Microfinance. This effort not only

wins praise but also emphasizes the college's commitment to helping the community

and fulfilling people's healthcare needs. In addition to ensuring that those in need

receive critical medical care, GCM and Rafi Microfinance's partnership improves the

general health and standard of living for these marginalized segments of society. By

offering complimentary consultations, the college facilitates early illness detection and

treatment, perhaps preventing further health consequences.

GCM’s initiative to provide medical services at no cost to Rafi Microfinance is an effort

that attends to the healthcare needs of the impoverished. Through this cooperation, the

college is able to provide important healthcare services to those who need them most,

demonstrating its unwavering commitment to social accountability and community