The Student Affairs and Services Center (SASC) is an auxiliary unit of the College responsible for the development and implementation of various programs and services geared towards development, welfare, and discipline to support the holistic preparation of medical students for the real-life challenges in the medical profession.

There are three (3) major services in this Office:

  1. Student Welfare Services

  2. Student Development Services

  3. Institutional Support Programs


Information and Orientation Services. This is for all students to have comprehensive information that are timely and relevant to the students. 


Student Personal Inventory and Assessment. A systematic gathering of data for assessment, evaluation, and identification of the characteristics and potentials of all students. Students may maximize the result by minimizing weaknesses and maximizing strengths to reach the full potential as a student and a person.


Guidance and Counseling services. The service focuses on attending concerns to facilitate assessment and resolution to mental and psychological issues affecting personal and academic life of students. Any student who seeks for guidance services can avail through walk-ins (face- to-face and or online platforms through e-Guidance Channel in the Microsoft Teams for Education, the official Learning Management System (LMS) of Gullas College of Medicine. It is open from Mondays to Friday from 8AM to 5 PM and 8am to 12noon every Saturday.


The following services are the student development support programs of the school which students can participate:


Supreme Student Council (SSC). This is a school organized and supervised student governing body that is supportive to the student community where students’ needs are promptly and appropriately attended. The Council bridges the relationship between students and the school management ensuring that the school-related matters are being disseminated properly to students. 


Student Organization (SO).  These are students-organized and led groups duly authorized by the school to implement activities and programs aligned with their advocacy that promotes the welfare and well-being of students in enhancing and maximizing balanced learning opportunities while in medical school. 


Webinars and Trainings. SASC in collaboration with SSC and SO conducts capability building activities to enhance the opportunity to inculcate, address, and advance the prevailing needs, knowledge, and skill of the students in attaining holistic development. 


Admission and Testing. Students are assisted in the implementation of Admission process and administer psychological tests for appraisal during face to face and implemented approved procedures during e-admissions.


Institutional Activities and Programs. The supervision of organizing annual school programs that enhances and supports the capability and talents of students. This includes the conduct of regular Intramurals and e-Intramurals during virtual classes, PLE support, Founder’s Day, Graduation, and other activities that uses different regular and online platforms. 


Student Helpdesk. Facilitation of assistance and concerns of students (may it be health, academics, financial, and other general concerns). 


International Affairs Service. Facilitation of assistance in the visa and other concerns of international students.


Community Extension Service. Supports opportunities to develop social program and awareness and facilitates participation of students through the SSC and SO.