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Hi, I am Dina Jane G. Toledo, a 2nd year medical student of Gullas School of Medicine

A good friend of mine once told me to never let go of this dream. One day, I decided to make this dream a reality. To become a good physician, I need to be out of my comfort zone, which is the province. Stepping into a big city for the first time with no one beside me was so scary, really. I was afraid. Afraid of possibilities that I might not be able to get myself into med school, I might not be able to pay for my tuition and maybe this dream was really not for me.  My feet took me to Gullas College of Medicine. I took a leap of faith and applied to this school. Amazing how God works, I was accepted and was offered a scholarship. I took the opportunity with all my heart and humbleness.

Gullas College of Medicine is like a dream school to me. It gave me a sense of home. One of the reasons is the environment of the school. It is so relaxing to the eyes after every lecture, seeing greens outside the four corners of the rooms. The school also offers good quality lectures from exemplary physicians. I have high respect for all of them because even though they have hectic schedules, they still spare a precious amount of their time to share their knowledge from the book and their wisdom from their experiences. Some doctors also motivate the students to strive more with their studies by acknowledging the achievements of each student. But, scholarship entails not only “perks”. Aside from the tuition discount, being a scholar is not easy at all. One needs to go an extra mile to maintain certain grades or marks to still avail the scholarship for the next school year. One needs to make many sacrifices to achieve one’s dream. Lastly, aside from being a scholar I am beyond proud to be part of this institution, an outstanding medical school. We as a student has a major role to earn that MD title in the future.

Toledo, Dina Jane G.
2nd Year Medical Student