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When I first arrived in the campus, I already knew where I belong; and that is here, in the University of the Visayas-Gullas College of Medicine where I would pursue my dreams. I never regretted choosing this institution because here, I’ve had some of the best experiences. I felt very welcome. Everyone is friendly, approachable, and as time passes by, through hoops and hurdles, they became family and the school feels more like home. The administration is dedicated to their students, ensuring that they receive high-quality education despite all the changes and challenges. Another thing I am proud of is having good school facilities and equipment – convenient rooms are provided, as well as advanced instruments, and competent mentors, all of which are extremely beneficial in studying medicine. Above all, we are taught not only about medicine but also values such as compassion, courage, faith, and dignity which makes UV-GCM a great school.

Dear future medical students,

I’d like you to know that studying Medicine is not easy. When you study medicine, you should expect to work more than any other students. Practical exams and lectures take up a lot of time so there are more contact hours than with other topics. Practicing medicine will never destroy your life if it is your greatest passion. Going to medical school may cost you your youth, but I believe the cost is well worth it for such a noble cause. There are a lot of obstacles along the way, but the important things are surviving, continue fighting, and thrive in pursuing your goal. Therefore, go get that M.D. because you deserve it, we all deserve it as long as there’s perseverance and passion. Climbing a mountain is similar to education. At the bottom, the mountain of knowledge you must overcome may seem insurmountable. Some of it may be entirely new and unfamiliar to you while others may be difficult. The higher you ascend this metaphorical mountain of understanding, the more you can see and comprehend. Understanding is only possible with perspective, and at the bottom of the mountain, perspective is minimal. The further you climb, the more you can see where you are in relation to the rest of the landscape.

Tiu, Danny James
3rd year Medical Student
Team Leader – 3A AY 2020-2021