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My best experience as a GCM student was the time when our researches won at competitions conducted by GCM and CVCHRD, not just once but twice. It made us feel that everything we went through was worth it and I couldn’t thank my mentors enough! The whole journey was so beautiful and enlightening; from formulating the thesis title, to defending it, and to the winning moments. Definitely, this will be one of the best moments in my heart for a very long time.

When I first came to GCM, I was not sure of what I was getting myself into. But today, I have become more confident and a better version of myself than I was 4 years ago. I am so thankful for the whole experience to be a GCM student.

Seeing the school undergo developments structurally, culturally, and academically brings me immense joy and happiness because I know for sure that when I graduate, I will become a proud alumna of this institution. From being a foreign student to feeling at home with the doctors, my fellow classmates, and juniors I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

My only word of wisdom for the aspiring medical students is to relax and take it one step and one day at time. As we all know, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Saravanakumar, Veda
4th year Medical Student
Team Leader – 4B AY 2020-2021