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My name is Dishant, a 3rd year Medicine Student.

The best experience as a student in Gullas College of Medicine is they gave me a chance to focus and sharpen my skills in my field of choice. There have been many opportunities to learn from different subjects I took, starting from BS Biology until now in Medicine. And of course, the learning on how to handle and take care of the patients from all walks of life.

My perspective on the recent developments of the school is really good because GCM offers advanced medical equipment, good clinical exposure, high quality teaching, and the renovations of infrastructures for developing the school and hospital are still ongoing.

We all know that all countries are affected with COVID-19 and GCM offers online classes so that students will continue to learn from all forms of classes. No matter what, education is very important.

Med school is stressful and you will face major adjustments, however, it plays a very great part of every doctor’s life.

My message to all aspiring medical students is to focus, be knowledgeable, set time management, and establish a reliable peer support group.

In life, we may face many bad and hard times but we should never lose hope because one day, we will achieve our dreams and success.

Patel, Dishant
3rd year Medical Student
Asst. Head Team Leader – 3A AY 2021-2022