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Hi, I’m Mohammad Nawaz Pasha. I’m studying final year medicine in UV-GCM. Before coming over to the Philippines to take up Medicine, I wanted to join medical school with the best traditional way of teaching. UV-GCM happened to be that school where I see myself becoming a successful doctor. UV-GCM has come a long way just within a few years with its infrastructural and academic development and you can see the results in terms of the number of medical students passing in FMGE examination. To students who are studying and who want to study in UV-GCM, no matter how good the institution is, if he/she is not in the right mindset to study medicine or have ideas other than medicine… the medical profession is not for you. This is such a noble profession so please have utmost respect and dignity towards it.

Pasha, Mohammad Nawaz
3rd year Medical Student
Team Leader – 3C AY 2020-2021