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This past year has indeed been very tough, and challenging for everybody to get through. A lot of plans have been cancelled, so many one-step-away dreams delayed, and a handful of bucket lists and to-do lists crossed out. But one thing I know for sure, is that even if it’s as though the world has stopped spinning, with nothing but only hope left, the people in it still chose to keep going. We live and we learn. We lose and we earn. But with this pandemic, I could confidently say that although the present situation that we are in may seem to be an impractical and difficult time for us to push through our ambitions that are so far and so out of reach right now, I have found myself and I have developed a much deeper love for the field of medicine.

I grew up with my mind already set about what I want to be, who I want to be, and where I want to be. What I want to be? A doctor. Who I want to be? My name with an M.D. sitting right perfectly just at the end of my last name. And with regards to where I want to be? There’s no place else I’d rather be than to be at the University of Visayas – Gullas College of Medicine. Although I’m learning from home and away from school which is the exact opposite of the usual set up, they have given nothing but the best online services making our online learning experience more efficient and convenient no matter what part of the world you’re at. We’re a mixture of both local and international students all coming from different cities and time zones, but the best part about it is that they are able to cater all our necessities. From providing us books, apps, and essential sites that we need to the kindest professors and the warmest support system which itself has always been extremely motivating for us students, most especially in times when we need some reminding of why we chose to be in this battlefield. I believe that those are what’s going to make us very good physicians in the making and in the near future.

And because of all of that, what may have seemed impossible at first like being able to actually learn in an unusual situation or meet new friends you can call family, the online services they offer had just made all the impossible possible. The world indeed works in just a click away. So if you are an aspiring medicine student who still has yet to decide where you want to be, it’s simple. You can be who, and what you want to be at the University of Visayas – Gullas College of Medicine. Let’s keep on moving forward, future doctor!

Pagud, Ma. Scarlett
1st year Medical Student
Team Leader – 1A AY 2020-2021