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My name is ULA ELFATIH, 2B Medical Student.

In the beginning, I would like to take the time to emphasize on how much I value my experience at GCM, as it has given me the opportunity to sharpen my theoretical and practical skills in my field of choice. The learning cap will always be increasing as many numerous opportunities will be emerging for which I will be able to sharpen my skills even more by spending the time at GCM.

Besides the academic aspect, being a member of GCM, I was able to grasp the importance of being socially inclined and enhance my socializing skills. For instance, I was privileged to learn about different cultures, backgrounds, and religions which I wasn’t formally introduced to or possessed vast knowledge about it as it helps me to be less ignorant and more considerate and keen to learn about other people’s cultures and practices. Certainly with no doubts, being at GCM, I was able to get accustomed to a new culture and environment which indirectly equipped me with essential tools that have enhanced my skill sets and enriched me to become more successful in my academic, professional, and personal life.

Right now, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing global remote teaching. GCM has come so far in terms of providing quality education for its students and we can see that, especially through the educational platform, MS Teams. It requires tons of work and preparation to be able to shift from one educational system to another; in our case, from face-to-face learning to 100% virtual learning and GCM has successfully transitioned and aided its students in having a smooth and successful shift as well.

Finally, to my fellow colleagues, I’d like to say: HAVE A VISION. Be able to see through which no one else can see ‘cause it lays beneath; just like the tip of an iceberg. Work with people who believe in you, for those will help the tip of your iceberg be more visible and they’re the ones who will appreciate your work more. This is what it means to wake up every day to advance for a cause. It means that we should devote our life to build which has not been built, show which has not been seen, and how much work we have to do to accomplish that.


Mohamed, Ula Elfatih Ali
2nd year Medical Student
Team Leader – 2B AY 2020-2021