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My best experiences as a student in GCM were the day we were introduced to the Modern Day Anatomy in the Anatomy laboratory as it exposed us to more perfect and easier way of studying the human body, its organs and structures. Another best experience was the great lectures and exposures we received from Dr. Meysam Darbandi, the Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry as he sacrificed and committed himself to teaching us many things so that we can become great medical doctors.

GCM has really embarked on great developments recently by building and constructing many infrastructures on the campus. It is indeed GCM’s great stride and I strongly believe that these developments will go a long way to improve and make learning easier for the students and staff generally.

Medicine is one of the most lucrative and interesting professions with a lot of prestige. Studying Medicine and other Paramedical courses especially in a great and wonderful school like GCM makes your life fulfilling. Studying Medicine, especially to become a Medical Doctor makes the society and our families proud of us as it recognizes us as responsible and important members of the society.

GCM is made up of professional and hardworking doctors as well as devoted and friendly staffs.

Mancha, Musa Mohammed
2nd year Medical Student
Head Team Leader – 2D AY 2020-2021