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I’m glad that I am in Gullas College of Medicine. I’m satisfied with my dream to pursue medical education. I’m in senior clerkship/internship right now and the journey has been successful.

My satisfaction extends to the student community of GCM which makes me feel as if I’m part of a family and along with the faculties, I have a homely experience. These helped my education to proceed with a good flow.

Speaking about the college facilities, I’m thankful for all the changes that were developed as well as to others that are yet to come. As a medical student, I’m glad that I was able to enjoy all of these in GCM. Also, I am thankful for all the opportunities that are being brought about by the college for the overall development of the medical students as to the education, clinics, practical laboratories, and other activities.

My special gratitude also to the Supreme Student Council for their extensive help and initiatives to the student community for a stronger moving forward, for helping us in all means, and for the overall aspect of the college.

I believe GCM is a promising college to any medical aspirant and I highly recommend them to all.

Kumar, Kurupati Bhagath
4th year Medical Student
Asst. Head Team Leader – 3C AY 2020-2021