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“It is having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Hi! I’m Raynalyn Gimoros, a second-year medical student at Gullas College of Medicine.

Since I was little, I always dreamed of working in a medical field and now becoming one by choice is indeed a dream come true. Of course, with my #1 support system – my family and God, this child’s dream turned into reality.

As I continue to follow the path towards my dream, GCM sincerely welcomed and made med school life more and more interesting for me. They gave hope and fair opportunity for every aspiring medical student like me to unfold my dreams to reality. Also, I’m very humbled and grateful to meet well-known and experienced doctors to learn and gain knowledge first hand.

Amidst the pandemic, GCM was able to come up with an academic-wise platform for online classes to ensure students’ comfort and convenience.

Thus, to my fellow dreamers and aspiring medical students, despite our current situation, let us not lose hope, and keep that fire burning on turning our dreams to reality. Always remember that perseverance is the key to success and doing what we love is passion. And above all, let us commit our dreams to our Creator, believing that He will grant the desires of our hearts.

Gimoros, Raynalyn T.
2nd year Medical Student
Asst. Head Team Leader – 2B AY 2021-2022