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My best experience as a student in GCM, besides the learning I got from the doctors, is the diversity. Different traditions, cultures, and nationalities I get to see and interact with every day. Everyone coming from different places all around the world, with different personalities and attitudes, all come to GCM to learn and share the same passion. Another best experience? “ATIS”.

The recent developments of the school are the next best thing for the students, the staff, the doctors, and the administration. I was already a student of GCM when the school’s developments were still in a blueprint. These developments might not have happened right away. However, it happened during the span of this pandemic which will make it a surprise to everyone who will come back to school when it is safe again to handle face to face classes. Furthermore, with the new developments and with students like me who spent the pandemic in my hometown, I would expect that classrooms would be better and brighter, laboratories will be more modernized, and better faculty rooms for the doctors. These recent and new eye-catching developments will create a better learning environment, a newer and modern experience, and better mental health for the people of GCM.

Pursue your aspiration. It can happen now, it can happen next year, or even when you are 40. Medicine applies to no age. It will be difficult, but with hard work, patience, understanding, will, and the best support system, “difficult” will just be a word. You will have colleagues that will share the same passion as you, share struggles with you. They will be a part of your support system, and you to them. Your colleagues will be with you through medical school, which will make the best of it, until all of you will be called, Doctor.

Fortinez, Jay Mari C.
2nd year Medical Student
SSC Vice-President (External) – 3A AY 2021-2022