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Before I started medical school I really had no sentiment what a typical day it would be for a medical student. Other than going to school, how many hours of class do I attend? What else is there to do other than studying? Who would have known that Medicine would really change my life? Who would have thought that Gullas College of Medicine is making my Medicine life a bearable one?

In med school, you will discover that you can’t go through it alone. You need the reinforcement of people around you and I established the best support system I can have in my second home, which is the GCM. My support system is not just composed of friends and classmates but also of our doctors who keep on believing in our capabilities as future physicians. The doctors in GCM keep on pushing us to be the best doctors that we can be. The white coats of our doctors didn’t make us feel that it’s a symbol of hierarchy and rigidity but it served as an inspiration to all of us that someday, we can wear one. The feeling of home and having the best support system made me keep on moving forward because this school made me feel that I am already holding something undeniably and excitingly amazing. I am happy that what used to be just a dream is now a reality and it is happening in this humble GCM. Every medical school is vastly different and each is trying their best to cater continuous improvements they can give to their constituents. I’ve seen in my own eyes how the administration is trying their best to go beyond what was expected from them. GCM is indeed rising because certain developments are happening and I hope more aspiring medical students can experience these modifications.

The years in med school will be exhausting and full of an exhilarating roller of emotions but it is also exciting as you embark on this tremendous journey. Choose a medical school where you can’t just acquire a good quality of education but a school you can also call your “home”. As a current medical student in GCM, I know I am in good hands and my future’s as bright as I perceive it to be ever since before I entered this amazing journey.

Flores, Uzzhiell J.
Regional Organizational Committee Chairperson for APMC-SN Visayas AY 2020-2021
2nd year Medical Student
Supreme Student Council (SSC) Auditor AY 2021-2022