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I want to be a bird that spreads its wings and soar high in the same way I want to be in a competent learning institution where I can flourish in medical education and leadership. Luckily, I found it in Gullas College of Medicine. I was blessed with opportunities to volunteer in some humanitarian causes, represent the school in APMC-SN since 2019 up to the present, and serve my fellow medical students in GCM through its platform. The support I get from the school makes my duties rewarding, especially with this online setting. I do have a lot of good experiences in GCM but the best part is the chance to bloom where I am planted.

There can never be a perfect institution. However, I am pleased to know that the school is ceaseless in its pursuit for improvement of medical education despite being grappled by the COVID-19 pandemic. I cannot wait for the fruition of their plans in the years ahead.

Hola, aspiring medical students! We are in an era where Medicine is now a road commonly traveled, but the path has not gone easy. There will be a hundred roadblocks along your journey but remember to stand up a thousand times and keep vibing! See you in GCM!

Espedang, Azil Marie C.
3rd year Medical Student
Team Leader – 3A AY 2020-2021