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1. Best experience when you were still a student in GCM?

– In general, being in Gullas College of Medicine is my best experience because during my stay, all students were close and supported each other like family. The school also brought out the best of my capabilities and encouraged me to aim high and achieve more.

2. Perspective in the recent developments of the school.

– It is amazing that GCM is now exponentially expanding its horizon and upgrading its facilities with great improvement of the school performance.

3. Message to aspiring doctors

– Always aim higher than what is expected of you. What limits us is not our environment, family or level of education, but ourselves. Never doubt yourself in achieving your goals. They say that opportunity only knocks once but if you look closely there are lots of opportunities that you just did not see. Goodluck to aspiring doctors and soar high!

Dr. Michael Vince D. Busa
Alumni Batch 2009