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  •  your best experience when you were still a student in GCM
    • GCM was and will always remain to be my HOME. It was a medical institution that provided me with a renewed chance to grow at a critical period of my life when I was at a crossroads and actually considered discontinuing my medical education. I will always remember how the atmosphere on campus made me feel less pressured yet goal-directed. The friendships and camaraderie I discovered and forged during my med school years will always be treasured. I will always be in great gratitude for my mentors and faculty who taught us the basic core values and must-know medical concepts for us to survive in the real world and clinical practice.
  • perspective in the recent developments of the school; and
    • I have personally seen how the college has changed and transformed during the recent years. I myself am a staunch advocate of innovation and the continuous pursuit for individual and organization advancement. A few years back, I personally coined the term and hashtag #GCMrising and #TagaGullasKoBai. I personally believe if all major stakeholders (Owners, Administration, Excecom, Faculty and Students) are placed on the same page, gaps are bridged and welfare are promulgated then TOGETHER everyone will reach the goal of being an institution of Academic Excellence. I fervently pray that one day the GLORY DAYS OF GULLAS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE will be brought back. Again, if All stakeholders believe in this same vision I dearly hold, then my Alma Mater GCM will rise above adversity and become an academic institution to be reckoned with. 
  • message to aspiring doctors.
    • Don’t forget where you came from. GCM will always be my home. In the event that you reach and achieve success always remember to keep both feet firm on the ground. Stay grounded. Share your success and be a catalyst for change in your community  and academic organization. I hope more alumnus and pencil pushing medical students will share this long dream of mine to help make GCM great again. We can only move forward together if we share this same passion and vision. Be proud. Stand proud. #TagaGullasKoBai

Dr. Jarungchai Anton S. Vatanagul
Alumni Batch 2002