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I’m Promise Onwe Chimezie, 2-A medical student, COMELEC OFFICER

UV Gullas College of Medicine have indeed proven to be at the heart of producing the best medical professionals not just in skills and knowledge but in character (moral – how to be good human) with the best doctors teaching at the college. My amazement of this school became stronger during this COVID-19 lockdown because I’ve always been that person who observes how people and an organization can cope and help during a hard time and to my greatest surprise, GCM was so quick to start class by August for the first semester with all the necessary requirements for online class ready while some other medical schools were still contemplating on what to do. GCM has kick off already! With our amazing doctors whom are also frontliners but still makes time to lecture us each day, I became more proud of my school during this period mainly because they showcased that they really have students at heart. I’m just an average student but I’ve never felt left behind.

Continuing education is important in every field, especially for medical professionals. With new technologies, treatments, and research coming out every year, the people who keep the countries healthy need to stay up-to-date in their fields. GCM ensures us that we are kept up-to-date by having sophisticated platforms in which we learn like MS Teams, Clinical Key, and Tech Savvy Doctors. 

Of course, continuing education can be hard to fit into a busy schedule during this time. So while online learning is still relatively new, it is quickly changing the way learners at all levels receive instruction.

I am proud to be a student of this institution, GULLAS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE.

Chimezie, Promise Onwe
2nd year Medical Student
Comelec Officer AY 2019-2020 and AY 2020-2021