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To be a medical doctor is my personal dream. Together with the passion of healing lives, the journey of learning Medicine arose in me. Hence, I’m the first one in my whole family to step into this path. Indeed, this is probably the biggest and the most daring decision that I have taken in my life. I didn’t have much support from people around me when it came to choosing for this decision and only few were fine with my idea. I did cross all those negativity with a concrete strength in mind that I can make my dream work with self-confidence and above all, with the guidance from the Almighty.

In the journey of this noblest profession in this world, it is indeed a battle to come up with the right aim to hit the target. In order to make this force into work, I believe highly in the principles as to smart work, dedication, commitment, motivation, and strong inspiration towards my true goals along with the most essential ingredient that is prayer.

In terms of choosing Philippines for my Medical Education (MD), I am glad to be part of Gullas College of Medicine wherein with the training, I hold on to soar higher. Medicine is undoubtedly never easy. There are for sure, times where all of us have tendencies to breakdown. But getting up and moving on in life weighs the same positivity.

I am fortunate that GCM also offers me other opportunities to balance my academics with areas such as non-academic activities, leadership skills, curricular, and extra-curricular activities, and to be part of other organizations. I am also grateful to the multicultural setup that has helped me to interact with students from around 16 different countries. We were able to share experiences and interact and help each other. Being the Internal Vice-President of the Supreme Student Council and the former President of MD-1 and MD-2, this paved the way for me to help bridge the students and the college. I am also extremely grateful to the GCM management, administration, doctors, and staff who are extremely helping me in all possible ways to put my steps and the council into higher achievements.

I believe that all my hard work in this process will help me reach my dream without failure. Last but not the least, I do put all my hope and faith in the Almighty who can help make all things happen at the right time. I hope my message will be the kick to our fellow students to pursue their dreams even higher.

Chacko, Jibin
3rd year Medical Student
SSC Vice – President (Internal) – AY 2020-2021