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When the COVID pandemic started, all activities and plans the SSC had laid out for the academic year needed to be modified to fit in the new online setting. Planning and doing an activity online were extremely challenging yet it was fun. To prepare for an event, lots of dry runs must be conducted, extra effort was needed to get students to join and participate in the event, and coordinating was not as easy as it used to be. Sometimes no matter how prepared it is, some errors cannot be avoided. However despite all the challenges and hardships, I have come to realize that as long as someone is willing to help, someone is determined to put all the plans in action and execute them one by one, anything is achievable.

With the help of my fellow SSC officers, our advisers, the ICTD, our doctors, my fellow classmates and schoolmates, the administration, and my whole Gullas Family, I have experienced one of the best gifts of life and that is the gift of lending a hand and teamwork. In a medical setting, an operation would not be successful without these two important elements. I am beyond grateful and honored to meet my friends, learn from our doctors and advisers and lead other students. Gullas College of Medicine has given me all these golden opportunities. Opportunities to challenge myself, to motivate others, to conquer the stage despite the obstacles along the way, and to believe that everything is possible. No matter what the circumstances are, always choose to see the goodness of it. Shout out to all aspiring doctors out there, nothing is impossible. Claim it, work for it, and you shall have it!

Banuag, Lady Allexah C.
3rd year Medical Student
Supreme Student Council (SSC) President AY 2020-2021