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       Getting into medical college is absolutely no joke. It takes hard work and high grades to pass the admission. As of now, I am studying as a third-year medical student in Gullas College of Medicine (University of the Visayas), which is one of the prestigious medical colleges in Cebu, Philippines. One of the best experiences I had in my first year of medicine was to learn anatomy beyond mere pictures. The doctors were really good at what they were teaching us, whether it is in different subjects like Physiology, Anatomy, Pathology/Biochemistry, or in terms of their clinical knowledge about these subjects. The practical exams which I had in my first and second year of medicine, viewing the specimen just for 15-20 seconds and writing the answers were really challenging. Yet I still made through of all these riddles scoring some good marks. I also had my part of fun in GCM by participating in sports day, college events, etc. l have volunteered myself for college activities and learned a lot (glad to make use of myself for GCM). I would say that the two years of my life as a medical student in UV-GCM went pretty well. I really miss the face-to-face classes. As mentioned earlier, I am now a third-year student and I got an opportunity to become the Batch President of my section and communicating and coordinating with the doctors was a great experience for me.

            In my point of view, the recent developments of the school will lead to a great impact in the studies and the environment of the medical students. New equipment like the virtual dissection table can help medical students to better visualize the anatomy and pathology using a 3D format along with different anatomical planes. Building a new infrastructure in the classroom like the smart digital boards will also help a lot.

            Make use of your time to its maximum extent and keep track of it. While listening to lectures, write your own notes as simple as possible so it’s easy to go through it while preparing for your examinations. Seek every opportunity possible so you’ll never regret you didn’t take one.

Azhinhipuram, Sreehari
3rd year Medical Student
Head Team Leader – 3B AY 2020-2021