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The pandemic once made a pause to our lives, dreams, and aspirations. Everything was put on hold. Everything became new. Everything was not the way we were used to. Our day to day lives were suddenly changed from us seeing the world in a wide perspective to literally spending most of our time at home with having the four corner walls of our bedrooms and few parts of our home as the scenery, instead of the beaches, malls, travel spots, and other locations outside of our domicile. The “new normal” way of doing almost everything was never easy. We never thought that at some point we will reach a part of our lives attending classes in the comfort of our homes. The thought of having online classes was a bit of a situation that once needed a lot of time to discern whether to go and pursue our childhood dreams or just continue to pause, wait for the pandemic to end, and pursue it the normal way. Personally, I never thought that I will have the urge to continue hustling for my dreams even if it means having classes online. Instead, I used this as an opportunity to grow and further my career. I optimistically set my mind that I am blessed for having a support system at home who is willing to support me and the plan of being a physician someday. With this, I am beyond grateful that despite the pandemic I was given the opportunity to live and chase that childhood dream.

I chose GCM as the instrument to bring me to that dream. I wanted to be part of a healthy school community, a school where I can live the rest of the coming years without the fear of being judged based on my average intelligence and capabilities. My experiences with GCM are still not that much since I am still a first year medical student but so far I do appreciate GCM, most especially the doctors who are teaching us students what we need to know, did the best that they can to reach us, and made sure to make us understand the lessons well despite the hurdles of the pandemic. Recently I heard that GCM is making efforts in developing the school to make it better for the students. I appreciate their efforts on this matter and I am looking forward to what is instilled into us as we embark on this journey of becoming future physicians and valuable products of GCM.

To all aspiring medical students, never be afraid to risk anything for your dreams. I know the process to be a physician is a long, uneasy winding road but when you really want it, you always want to work for it to achieve your childhood vision. When everything gets tough and difficult, when anxieties come to take over your mind, take a pause, take deep breaths, most importantly pray and then get back to the challenge and continue to hustle for your dreams. It is not going to be easy and smooth sailing. We all know that but we should believe that we can do it and that everything will make sense someday. Always surround yourself with people who can push you to be the best version of yourself and never compete with your classmates or with anyone but instead, be in competition with yourself. Competition with your classmates or with others will never do you any good. Instead, you should help one another’s journey to the finish line because I tell you, it pays to have a good set of people you can share the anxiety, pressure, and difficulties with. Most importantly, always bear in mind that mental health is as important as physical health. You can do it, future doctors!

Ambayan, Sheralyn Caile L.
1st year Medical Student
SSC Public Relations Officer (External) AY 2021-2022