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They call it a school but I call it as… “KNOWLEDGE HUB”.

Nothing is impossible! UV-GCM teaches me that the word “IMPOSSIBLE” means “I’M POSSIBLE” that I can make my dreams come true.

GCM is making students perpetually pluripotent by treating students to grow like stem cells thus they differentiate from others.

The best part is not only the platform but also the United States’ standard education along with the lab exposures that has been serving the students in all equity along with eco-friendly vibes from mentors and staff. In addition, the cultural program, contests, and games every year have given just that caramel flavour of a 5-star bluster of enthusiasm. The sweetest part is the environmental campus which has much greenery, planned with the garnish of A1 gardening that feels like each breath increases oxygen saturation level of the blood which energizes the body, mind, and soul.

 Last but not the least, if you dream of a stethoscope on your neck, then GCM is there for your sake.

Panda, Abhirup
3rd year Medical Student
Team Leader – 3D AY 2021-2022