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Student Services

SASC – Student Affairs and Services Center

SASC serves as the official medium of communication between the student body and the College; and the general public on matters concerning student development, student welfare, student activities, and student discipline.

It is open from Mondays to Fridays at 8AM to 5PM and Saturdays at 8AM-12NN. It is also open for any tele-consultations or inquiry via online platforms.

Email :
MS Teams Code : yw6qagl

Its main objectives are:

  • Total development of the student for academic excellence, personal development, leadership and social responsibility in accordance with the College’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives;
  • Provision of opportunities for students’ active participation and involvement in the life and activities of the academic community as well as of the wider Community; and the
  • Promotion of the code of conduct necessary for discipline in an academic community; leading to the acceptance and positive responses to the College’s objectives.

Availment of Services

Any student who seeks e-welfare services can avail through SASC Teams in the Microsoft Teams platform for Education, the official Learning Management System (LMS) of GCM. Tele-consultation is also open using other e-platforms.

SASC Services

  1. Student Welfare Services
    The following services are available in the SASC MS Teams e-Guidance Channel:

    1. Information and Orientation Services. This is for all students to have comprehensive information and guidelines during adjustments and transitions in the flexible learning. This includes available virtual orientation of the services, mental health tips and guides, and helpful digital information that are timely and relevant to the students.
    2. Student Personal Inventory and Assessment. A systematic gathering of data for assessment, evaluation, and identification of the characteristics and potentials of all students. Student may maximize the result by minimizing weaknesses and maximizing strengths to reach the full potential as a student and a person.
    3. e-Guidance and Counselling services. The service focuses on attending concerns to facilitate assessment and resolution to issues affecting personal and academic life of students. This is accessible through SASC MS Teams e-guidance. Included also is the e-informed consent guidelines.
    4. Intervention Referral Services. This serves as a specialized kind of arrangement where the school obtains assistance and services of internal and external resources such as expert and professional services and facilities to advance in addressing the need of a student.
      • Internal Referral. There are two ways wherein internal referral work. One is from concerned student, faculty or personnel to refer to the SASC Department via e-platform a student needing assistance. The other way is for a SASC Staff to refer the student to a concerned department within the school to ensure that expressed concern or need is addressed.
      • External Referral. The process wherein after thorough assessments and attempts to address student need, internal resolutions were unsuccessful such that external expertise and facilities are required to seek further professional interventions to achieve successful outcome.
    5. Evaluation, Data Banking, and Data Utilization program. This is the collection and interpretation of empirical data such as but not limited to the concerns of students, impact of a specific program, service, and/or activity for the purpose of designing, modifying, and/or developing a certain program that advances in addressing the concerns based on the generated findings. Mostly surveys or google forms are maximized.
  2. Student Development Services
    The following services are available in the student support programs of the school and can be accessed through SASC MS Teams Channel:

    1. Supreme Student Council (SSC). This is a school organized and supervised student governing body to provide support to the student general population. The Council bridges between the students and the school management ensuring that the needs of the students are promptly and appropriately attended and the concerns of school are being disseminated properly to the students. This service can be availed by logging into the Student Council Channel under SASC MS Teams platform.
    2. Student Organization (SO). These are students-organized and led groups duly authorized by the school to implement activities and programs aligned with their advocacy that promotes the welfare and well-being of students in enhancing and maximizing balanced learning opportunities while in medical school even in this flexible learning scheme. Can be accessed through SASC Teams Info Talk.
    3. Webinars and Trainings. SASC in collaboration with SSC and SO conducts and / or facilitates online capability building activities to ensure the opportunity to inculcate, address, and/or advance the prevailing needs, knowledge, and/or skill of the students in attaining holistic development. This can be explored under SASC MS Teams Advisories.
  3. Student Discipline
    In the flexible learning, monitoring and implementation on compliance of school applicable rules and regulations in governing the behavior and conduct of students stipulated in the Code of Conduct of Students is lodged under e-Grievance Services accessible through SASC Teams platform using e-grievance link:

    Rules encompass conduct and behavior of a Medical Student in all virtual and limited necessary face to face transactions among students, faculty and other school personnel. School uniform / Dress Code during virtual classes; Identification or Access Codes rules, and proper decorum, among others.

  4. Institutional Support Programs and Services
    1. Admission and Testing. Students are assisted in the implementation of Admission process and administer psychological tests for appraisal during face to face and implemented approved procedures during e-admissions.
    2. Institutional Activities and Programs. The supervision of organizing annual school programs that enhances and supports the capability and talents of students. This includes the conduct of regular Intramurals and e-Intramurals during virtual classes, PLE support, Founder’s Day, Graduation, and other activities that uses different regular and online platforms.
    3. Scholarships and other Financial Assistance. The allocation of financial aids to deserving students and other grantees.
    4. Regular and e-Student Helpdesk. Facilitation of assistance and concerns of students (may it be health, academics, financial, and other general concerns).
    5. International Affairs Service. Facilitation of assistance in the visa and other concerns of international students.
    6. Student Housing or School Dormitory Service. Provision of information about the available school dormitories that ensures a venue that is safe, secure, and at the same time conducive to learning.
    7. Community Extension Service. Supports opportunities to develop social program and awareness and facilitates participation of students through the SSC and SO.


Consistent with the Gullas College of Medicine (GCM) vision of becoming an internationally recognized top medical school, the International Student Unit (ISU) was established to provide comprehensive, integrated and efficient support services to all domestic and international medical students.

ISU is the starting point for information, support and guidance. Personalised advice and information about all aspects of university life such as admission and registration, student visa, well-being, academic performance, advising on compliance with domestic statutes, arrangements for hostels or dormitories in and outside campus, travels, and assistance for any help needed along the journey of medical school life.

An effective and responsive team of professionals and organizations work collaboratively to ensure personal and academic success of domestic international students. The team includes the ISU Director and Staff; Academic and Non-Academic Heads; Student-Led Organizations; and the Authorized Partners or Associates who are responsible in the promotion of the university abroad and who assist in the admission and guidance of students from the commencement until the conclusion of medical degree.

There are three (3) authorized Associates to promote GCM in the international market and assist in guiding students until post-graduation:


Initiatives remain open to support students virtually. Email and video/audio conference appointments are available during business hours: Mon-Fri at 8AM-5PM and Sat at 8AM-12NN.

For inquiries and concerns:
Email : International Student concerns –
VISA concerns –
Contact through whatsapp: (+63) 995-856-9440

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association comprises of the graduates from the Gullas College of Medicine. The Association coordinates with the College in planning and implementation of activities geared toward career growth, tracking of professional status, sponsorships, support and active participation of institutional activities, and over-all development of the Alma Mater.

Our featured Alumni

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GCM Alumni Roster Registry

To be included in the GCM Alumni Roster, click here for the Registration Link:

The result aims to organize and strengthen the Alumni Association of the College and intends to solicit recommendations and suggestions for future PLE and other Alumni support programs.

E-Learning Support

Microsoft Teams for Education (MS Teams) is the Learning Management System (LMS) of the Gullas College of Medicine. The platform engages students, faculty, and staff with virtual face-to-face connections and asynchronous activities.

Here are the steps on how to get started with MS Teams app:

Download your Microsoft Teams here:

To familiarize with MS Teams, see this manual:

See Manual for Microsoft Teams


Engage all the applications of Office 365 through logging in to your account:

E-learning Support is available from Mondays to Fridays at 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturdays from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM.
To know more about our e-learning services:

Our E-learning Services

For inquiries, email

Learning Resource Center

Open every: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM & Saturday 8AM-12NN
Library Email:

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The Gullas College of Medicine Library is one of the branch libraries of the University of the Visayas. It is a special library which provides effective services to the medical students, practitioners, researchers, alumni, faculty, and other members of the academic community for their research, information and instructional needs.

The Gullas College of Medicine Library, which is one of the branch libraries of the University of the Visayas Main Library. The initial collection was a private collection of books from the Gullas-Lucero family. Later on volumes of books were added to the library.
It provides the basic and current collection resources in all subject fields covered by the university curricula to meet the needs of the faculty members, students, researchers, and other members of the academic community.

Online Database

HERDIN plus is an online portal that provides easy management and access to health research and related information.
To access online researches go to

For request of remote access of reading materials and learning resources, please fill-out this form:

Note: You can borrow a book for 1 week and can be renewed for 2 times provided that no other student will use the book.

Library Services

  • Technical Services
  • Reader’s Services
  • User Education
  • Library Orientation
  • Circulation
  • Local Library Network
  • Literature Search
  • Reference Services
  • Current Awareness / Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
  • Readers’ Advisory Service
  • Library Online appointment
  • Printing/Scanning/Photocopying
  • Internet Services

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