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The Gullas College of Medicine (GCM) recently held the 2nd Pasindungog: A Recognition Ceremony, in acknowledgment of its students’ achievements and milestones.   

With the theme “GCM Defining Triumphs with Appreciation and Gratitude,” the College held its Virtual Recognition Ceremony despite the pandemic, underscoring somehow that the quest for excellence must go on even in the face of considerable adversity.

The event brimmed with inspiration, encouraging students to continue to pursue their dreams of becoming world-class physicians.

GCM’s Dean Dr. Nino Ismael Pastor officially commenced the ceremony by welcoming and reminding everyone to “fulfill the outcomes of a medical student,” emphasizing that successful medical students fulfill curricular, extracurricular, and co-curricular activities. He also stressed the need for physicians to be more engaged with people in their communities as they provide them support through relevant health programs.

Keynote speaker Dr. Jose Juan Rafael Laico, renowned neurologist and GCM – Academic Consultant gave some insights on the kinds of students that tend to be high achievers. He shared that he had encountered different types of students and realized that the best are the ones you’d least expect.

Dr. Laico observed that one doesn’t have to be a genius to pass med school; one only has to put in the work. He added that an attitude of wanting to achieve or surpass a standard won’t hurt. Dr. Laico concluded by advising students to “continue to pursue perfection. (As) You won’t ever be perfect but in the process, you will achieve greatness.”

The Academic Excellence Awardees were recognized by Dean Dr. Nino Ismael Pastor and Associate Dean Dr. Jasmin Friberg. Registrar Dr. Marsha Malbas presented the awardees.

There were 38 academic awardees from first year through fourth year level in Medicine.

The first-year awardees were Nazimuddin Aminuddin Saiyed, Dina Jane Toledo, Pundee Peechareeya, and Kenneth Nunez.

Christy Perlene Bangahon, Lovekka Althea Ughoc, Jamie Beverly Abadingo, Anushka Paras Mehta, Dhvani Jaysukhbai Kalathiya, Dhruvil Mehul Shah, and Sanket Pankajbhai made it on the list of second-year awardees.

Shennie Ceballos, Timmy Anna Lao, Louise Joie Lucero, Janice Pepito, Orgil Arrabis, and Vijaya Kumar Suma Devi Abhishek were the award recipients among third-years.

The ten awardees among fourth-year block-A students were Jaya Mishra, Elisa Marie Lim, Doris Chidiogo Azike, Joel Ian Pat Burlaza, Michael Ong, Pamela Alyssa Olaguera, Carel Alburo, Donnaville Marie Ocampos, Rayden Lou Benliro, and Solani Mahtani.

Vinitha Ganesan, Sruthi Ganesan, Ashish Kantilal Rudani, Sumit Guleria, Ankit Ashokbhai Hirpara, Glory Parsepu, Reetika S U Kashyap, Killol Hitesh Borad, Sheruvin John Thilagar, Manisha Reddy Upala, and Mohsin Ali were the eleven recipients of the fourth-year block-B students.

GCM also recognized exemplars for the academic year 2020-2021 with Team Leadership Awards. The awards were given by the Dean, the Associate Dean, and SASC & ISU Director Dr. Mila Maruya. Dr. Leticia Abinuman, Chief of Clinics and School Physician, presented the awards.  

Joel Bajarias Serad, Karthikeyan Manivannan, Prasanth Prabath, and Mohammed Mancha Musa were this year’s recipients for the first-year.

Leela Satya Teja Meesala, Kenneth Nuñez, Cyril Britto Selvaraj, Raynalyn T. Gimoros, Yaswanth Narukulla, and Suryaprakash Devendran were the second-year recipients of the award.

Maria Lourdes Agujar, Dishant Vikrambhai Patel, Sreehari Azhinhipuram, Yasar Rafikbhai Babuna, and Pandiarajan Saravana Kumar were the third-year GCM deemed worthy of the award.

Donna Faith Villaver, Hashim Muhammed Shiyas, and Vijayakumar Sumadevi Abhishek were the fourth-year recipients.

The Outstanding Student in Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Award was given to Mr. Jibin Chacko.

Dr. Jarungchai Anton”Toom” S. Vatanagul, the advisor of Epsilon Sigma Phi – Medical Society Inc. (ESP-MSI), received the Advisor of the Year Award.

The Educational Program of the Year Award was given to Medical Exemplars Dedicated to Service (MEDS).

Community Service Program of the Year Award recognized the community service efforts of Epsilon Sigma Phi – Medical Society Inc. (ESP-MSI).

The Epsilon Sigma Phi – Medical Society Inc. (ESP-MSI) received the Outstanding Student Organization Award while the Service Appreciation Award was given to the Supreme Student Council Officers (SSC): A.Y. 2020-2021, and Association of Philippine Medical Colleges – Student Network (APMC-SN) Board Officers of GCM.

The Community Medicine Service Award recognized Mr. Farhan Palathinkal Afsal for his exceptional community service.

Gladson Masillamani Robin was recognized as the Exemplary Leadership Awardee for having served as the president of the international student body from first-year through fourth-year.

Ms. Sonali Mahtani, top 1 academic awardee for batch Axon, delivered her valedictory address. She urged the students to aim higher while maintaining integrity. Mahtani encouraged the students: “When life seems to be tough, just show up and try because half the battle is won by just showing up.” She emphasized that while we make mistakes, we must learn from them.

Patricia Kile Samson delivered a message to the student body as the SSC President-elect, reassuring everyone that the SSC will be there when it is needed.

The 2nd Pasindungog was formally closed by the Associate Dean whodefined the triumphs and recognized them with appreciation and gratitude on behalf of GCM.

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