Vision, Mission, and Core Values


 GCM envisions becoming a top medical school and home of globally-competent and compassionate physicians dedicated to excellence and service to communities worldwide.



 Functional Strategy:        RESEARCH

Establish and sustain a culture of ethical and scientifically sound research among students, faculty, and non-teaching personnel.

 Functional Strategy:        INSTRUCTION

Engage students in dynamic and effective instruction through conducive, collaborative, and innovative learning environments that are responsive to the health needs of society.

 Functional Strategy:        VALUES

Inculcate altruistic principles driven by the desire to serve others.

 Functional Strategy:        EXTENSION

Promote social responsibility among students, faculty, and non-teaching personnel through implementation of relevant health development programs geared towards community empowerment.



H – Humaneness
E – Excellence
A – Accountability
L – Leadership
E – Empathy
R – Resilience
S – Service