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Campus Life

AMPC-SN Activities

GCM students engage in extra-curricular activities organized by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges - Student Network (APMCSN). Working in partnership with the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation, APMCSN endeavors to promote an active role for students in the development of medical education.

APMCSN’s annual activities include the APMC National Convention, the Medicine Student Summit, MedGroove (a dance contest), MediRhythmia (a choral contest), and the Palarong Med (an inter-med college sportsfest).



GCM provides its student body access to webinars and workshops that complement their learning through discussions with distinguished speakers.

Founder's Day


Every January 12, the Gullas College of Medicine celebrates Founder’s Day together with its flagship university, the University of the Visayas, to honor the memory of UV founder and first president, Don Vicente Gullas. In unity with all faculty members and students of the entire University of the Visayas System, the GCM community solemnly celebrates the special day with a Holy Mass.



Every yuletide, the GCM student body organizes a concert.

Student's Day


GCM is a cultural melting pot, and on Students’ Day, this is made manifest by the multi-cultural celebration that GCM prepares to promote diversity, equality, and unity among its students.

SSC Election &
Oath Taking Ceremony


Supreme Student Council (SSC) elections are held once a year to determine the leaders of the student body who would also represent GCM in the APMCSN. Pasindungog is the oath-taking ceremony of the newly-elected officers of the SSC.

Physician Licensure Exam (PLE) Support Activities


GCM extends full support to its students taking the Physician Licensure Examinations (PLE) each year.



For a week, students shift their focus from academics to exciting extra-curricular activities as GCM holds its intramurals. Students get to showcase their talents and take some time to chill with classmates.

Interschool Competitions


GCM students foster camaraderie with peers from other schools as they take part in interschool competitions.

Community Outreach


Med students participate in outreach programs, making a positive impact on their communities.

Acquaintance Party


GCM students hold an annual acquaintance party for fellowship and fun. The event also promotes a positive culture and environment in the campus.

Supreme Student Council Officers A.Y. 2021-2022

Patricia Kile N. Samson

Suryaprakash Devendran
Internal Vice-President

Jay Mari C. Fortinez
External Vice-President

Jhazmine Reign T. Nalupa

Verona Mae A. Manlangit

Uzzhiel Javelosa Flores

Vinod Kumar Bishnoi
Internal P.R.O.

Sheralyn Caile L. Ambayan
External P.R.O.

Atty. Alfredo L. Mayol III, RN, REB
Academic Adviser

Dr. Mila O. Maruya, RSW
Administrative Adviser / Director of SASC & ISU

Former Officers (A.Y. 2021-2022)

SSC Highlights AY 2020-2021:

To reach them out, email:

Student Organizations

The Gullas College of Medicine promotes environment of fairness by allowing students to organize and express themselves freely and responsibly. Student organizations are considered as part of the support system of students and the College to advance the best interest of the student populace.

Agile Service through Reliable Advocates (A.S.T.R.A)


To upgrade the quality of life of future physicians that : PROMOTES GLOBAL COMPETENCE, ENHANCES multicultural collaboration and INTEGRATES values formation.


Unleash the potential of future physicians through sharing and learning in multicultural organizations that engages in solidarity among cultures , research and medical and social knowledge, skills and services for the betterment of medical student’s and people’s lives.


ASTRA is student-led internationally-affiliated advocacy organization under Asian Medical Students’ Association- Philippines (AMSA-Phil) , Asian Medical Students’ Association- International (AMSA- International) and the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA).

ASTRA has 6 standing committees namely, the Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME), Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH), Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE), Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP), Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including HIV and AIDS (SCORA), and AMSEP or the Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program.

What are the projects I can expect from ASTRA?

  • Recruitment and General Assembly
  • Seminar and Workshops on Skills and Medical Missions
  • Advocacy and Infographics from the different Standing Committees
  • Activities Promoting Personal Well-being and Professional Development
  • Charity and Community Work
  • Cultural and Professional Exchange Programs

What are my privileges if I become part of ASTRA?

  • Invited to all ASTRA events and all its affiliated organizations (AMSA PH, AMSA Int., IFMSA)
  • Entitled to apply and attend ASTRA Medical Missions and Conferences
  • Entitled to apply and participate in Professional and Cultural Exchange Programs
  • Entitled to participate and compete in local and international conferences and competitions held by AMSA and partner organizations

Achievements and Accomplishments:

  • Project Amuma: To care and guide
  • Hiusa (in Partnership with Cebu Crisis Assistance Team)
  • Astral Space

Membership Information:

Interested students may contact us at:

Visit our Social Media Sites:

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Medical Exemplars Dedicated to Service (MEDS)

MEDS is an organization created by goal driven and service-oriented individuals. Founded on March 1, 2014 by Dr. Abdulrauf Sala.

What we do: as heart dominant individuals we instill camaraderie and bring a driving desire to translate our passion and mission into reality.


The Medical Exemplars Dedicated to Service Organization believes that with considerable benefits are to be obtained from a collaboration of medical students with the same vision of promoting camaraderie, unity, workmanship, kindliness and excellence while developing each individual’s character and utmost potential, do ordain and establish the constitution.


In its core, this organization believes in the individual talents and abilities of all human beings. Thus, the purpose of MEDS as an institution is to hone the skills of all its members regardless of their religious, political, gender or racial affiliation with the ultimate goal of rendering competent service to humanity.

Membership Process:

Kindly sign up on this link

For inquiries email us at:
Visit Our Facebook Page: Medical Exemplars Dedicated to Service - MEDS

Activities for this year:

  • Orientation of MEDS
  • SARS-COV2 Vaccine Discovery: Design and Serendipity Webinar
  • Recruitment/ giving of Application Form
  • Virtual Acquaintance Party/ Turnover of the officers
  • Gullas Intramurals
  • Launching of Merch
  • E-Zumba na yan!
  • Submission of application form
  • General Orientation for neophytes
  • 1st week of initiation for neophytes
  • WADS
  • Donation Drives
  • MEDS exclusive virtual
    Christmas party c/o neophytes
  • Team building
  • Outreach Program
  • Valentine’s Day and Students Day
  • Yearly Valentines raffle
  • Final rites for neophytes
  • Year End Party

Accomplishments and Achievements:

  • Go an Extra Mile for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Gasa sa Gugma 2019
  • Christmas Party 2019
  • Cebu Medical Society Inter-school Quiz Bowl 2018 2nd placer
  • Miss APMC Visayas 2019
  • National Regional Elections 2019
  • Medical Mission in Cebu Tzu Chi Foundation
  • World Aids Awareness Day
  • Donation Drive to Vicente Sotto Medical Memorial Center
  • Medical Mission in Labangon
  • Medical Surgical Dental Mission in Lahug
  • Medical Surgical Dental Mission in Tabuelan
  • Donation Drive for Tipolo, Mandaue
  • Support for PLE Board Takers

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Epsilon Sigma Phi is the oldest organization at UV-GCM. It was founded on January 31, 1999 at St. Vincent Hospital, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines and has continued to give its service to the student body, the faculty, and the community for more than 21 years. And we proudly proclaim that we are the only organization in UV-GCM who has medical students, senior clerks, PGIs and consultants among our ranks. We are ESP.

Tripartite Vision

  • ➤ Excellence
  • ➤ Service
  • ➤ Fraternity


The purpose of organizing this society is to promote fraternity & solidarity through socio-academic activities; To encourage students and support students in the pursuit of excellence in individual & organizational performance; To organize and spearhead medical missions and community outreach programs.

Program of Activities


Become a part of the oldest existing medical organization at the University of the Visayas - Gullas College of Medicine. 21 years of academic excellence, service, and fraternity. Come and join our family and experience firsthand leadership, camaraderie, and cutting-edge guidance by our alumni Medical Specialists & Consultants.

Want to know more?

Visit us at our Facebook page
Epsilon Sigma Phi

For inquiries, you may email us at:

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The Visayan International Friends for Christ is a organization founded in November 2016 working with the following


To know the word, do the word and make known the word.
(John 8: 32, James 1: 22, Matt 28: 18-20)


To see the seed of the knowledge of Saviour Jesus Christ that’s planted into the lost students of GCM and lost people around the locality of GCM being sprouted either in days or month or years yet ultimately leading them towards the eternity that is in store for those who acknowledge him wholeheartedly.


  • Everyday Class prayer
  • Weekly Bible study
  • small group prayer
  • Monthly Fellowships
  • Medical Missions and social services

Membership Information:

For any interested students to join, kindly contact us below

You may visit our Facebook page

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Register Here

For registration online please follow this link

Get in touch

  • +63 919 069 4299