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Research and Development


Research shall be given primary focus and importance in all programs in order to train faculty members, staff and students to conduct independent investigations. The importance and justification for the conduct of research rests on the fact that research generally precedes development. As an academic function, research is one of the major sources of knowledge and innovation. As such, it shall generally support and enhance both instruction and extension services of the institution, including but not limited to, clinical and community affiliations. In other words, researches undertaken by Gullas College of Medicine – University of the Visayas (GCM-UV) constitutes priority in disciplines and key areas of medical education and practice shall be pursued not only improving instructional activities but also for advancing knowledge, skills, and technologies for the present and future practice of medic.

Research Goals

The Gullas College of Medicine – University of the Visayas (GCM-UV) shall strive:

  1. To require students to conduct research on basic medical and clinical sciences.
  2. To undertake research of the highest quality on key topics in academic, clinical, and public health policy and to make such research available to the public, faculty, students, scholars and public and private policy makers.
  3. To provide a forum for conversation among faculty, students, scholars, administrators of programs and private and public policy makers by sponsoring seminars, workshops and conferences around topics of special interest.
  4. To stimulate and help facilitate the on-going collection and dissemination of high-quality baseline data on organizations, academic, social, pharmaceutical and health grant-making and philanthropy, and participation in and beliefs about the dynamics of human interaction.
  5. To establish quality standards for research for research and educate the research community in their use. Also, to investigate survey methodology and sampling strategies in an effort to collect more reliable and more valid date on organizations, communities, clientele/patients, clinical subjects and stakeholders and the dynamics that prevail in these relationships.
  6. To enhance the institutional capacity to provide improved research services through sustained delivery of quality research outputs in a given time by improving governance and management of the Research and Development Unit and management of the research processes and resources.
  7. To improve cooperative efforts among schools, hospitals, businesses and other state and community agencies in promoting rural and urban health through GCM, by expanding knowledge base to develop and deliver innovative health promotion and care technologies; improve accessibility to health services; enhance the use of limited health care resources; and provide collaborative research and educational programming opportunities in the areas of health.
  8. To undertake collaborative research projects with other colleges or departments and units supporting educational and medical management and treatment reforms and student-faculty enhancement.

Research Objectives

The Research and Development Unit of GCM has the following objectives:

    1. To formulate a research development program to equip the faculty and medical students with knowledge, skills, and competence to do research and publish their research outputs.
    2. To improve research productivity of students and quality of students’ researches.
    3. To encourage the faculty and students to engage in various types of research activities.
    1. To publish the quality outputs of the faculty, staff, and students in the national and international scene.
    1. To study areas for improvement to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and excellence of: (a) on-ground teaching, (b) clinical education
    1. To identify needs of potential patients or clients affiliated with GCM including but not limited to, clinical and community services affiliations.
    2. To provide research services support to the various outreach activities of the different colleges and departments.

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